22222 Twosday

We like to catch things.

“Our brain has evolved a fantastic capacity to find meanings and connections
in everything. It started with recognising paw prints from the soil and now is talking about the spiritual connection itself. “ (source)

Law of Attraction | Visualization | Seeing the signs

Mel Robbins

Why do we have a reticular activating system?
There is a really important reason why you have this.

If your brain took anything equally, it would meltdown.

Reprogramming > Visualization.

The brain is going to spot evidence that things are working out. Your brain is going to spot coincidences so you can build momentum. And it begins with visualization.

I’m going to feel happy.

I’m going to feel proud.

I’m going to stand upright.

I’m going to be grateful that I made this change.

Oh, there I am. I am back in school.

I’m at work and raising my hand. There I am.

There I am. I’m getting a promotion.

I feel so good about myself.

You’re training your brain to have a totally different filter. The brain doesn’t know the difference between what is an idea and what actually happened. You can have real memories or make up your own. The brain reacts all the same.

Visualization helps you build the skills.

When you do it more, you start to believe in different things because you’re reprogramming your brain. You’re changing the network of neurons that acts as a filter.



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