alive seed

Doğan Cüceloğlu.

I don’t admire him only for his words, but also for his energy level and mature standing for life, and he takes us to explore more, even about ourselves. In any case, a fantastic person to read. I have a notebook in which I will jot down his words as I listen. After I heard that he had lost his life, I couldn’t touch my book to read it. In recent days, I have been in a “new beginnings time period” in my life and I am trying. I tried, and still am trying, so many things. I will come to a point which is related to me and the book, but I want to start with a few things about my experiences before.

Everything is built on “doing the best”, not “being the best”, not winning.

Unfortunately, being right about something tends to feed your ego, which is detrimental to your peace.

Sometimes we discover the point when we did not insist on winning, that joy is way better than fighting.

As I previously stated, I am currently in a new beginnings period in my life and have no idea about so many things. But it is better to remember the morning of the day when feelings are not great. I was able to wake up today too, then I must be a person to make others feel better after my touch. I do not mean physical touch. It is soooo much more valuable to make someone smile when we smile. It will not deduct any amount of money from your bank account if you give a flower to a kid from a napkin during a flight or give flowers to a person with no special occasion.

We are not meant to be wasted.

We can try whatever our hands let us do. We can change whatever our smiles let us change.



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Bükre Kay

Bükre Kay


I am telling my story while I am learning, trying to learn and read. Öğrenirken görmeye çalışırken okurken hikayemi anlatıyorum.