Evgeny Grinko — It’s Foggy Today

Evgeny Grinko — It’s Foggy Today (Yulia Rogozinskaia, Oleg Klevakin.)

Colors and clothing are all-natural.

This is very nice. No make-up, no hair, no accessories, nothing gets in the way. Even the female dancer has zero accessories. It’s almost a wholeness as if calling for a focus on the essence.

The man’s dive into the dance — I choose this word “dive” in particular — is very good.

They don’t have to be together in the beginning, or they don’t have to start at the same time. Just like the woman doesn’t start the dance from the first second. Time is needed, and that’s normal. The natural one.

While the woman can’t find the strength to go, the man grabs her and pulls her.

Seaward. Retreating from the calmness of the beach to the sea, going and moving forward needs support as a challenge, and she gets it from the man physically without asking for it. On a supported basis, it sounds like a masculine representation of power to me. Nothing toxic. In a moment, he will hold her head parallel to the ground. He doesn’t lift the whole body. The woman does not fall. It’s enough to support her.

In the next moments, the woman is behind the man, very close to his head and the back of his neck.

After she puts her hands just behind his head, like bringing something emotionally to his head, he takes a step. Here, too, we see that the woman dispels the “fog” in his mind when the man is having trouble taking a step. This feeds him. We do not see a physical weight; we see a feminine power that knows the potential harm or benefit of something from the DNA heritage coming from the ancestors that collect fruits and herbs, analyze, measure, learn, and save its important points in the memory to help him. It does work. The man can step out after that.

There is no constant eye contact; the moment of eye contact is very deep. Drowning and swimming.

There are also moments when they dance separately.

Obviously, being together doesn’t mean sticking with bodies. Moreover, the same synchronization does not work every time they are in front of our eyes together. She has dances of her own, too, and that doesn’t mean the two of them are over. It only says that they also exist when they are separate.

The whole landscape is awesome.

It’s as if they have created a small self-world. The sea, a woman, a man, the mountain, the land, and the sun, are set and a new day will follow. Even the “foggy” name implies the clouds that have descended on the earth.

No fake smiles or angry facial expressions with the waves. We are watching what is “spontaneous” and “natural”.

We are coming to an end.

While the man takes the woman on his back, the woman gives herself completely to him. No use of power at all. The path they started by themselves, continues a little together, a little apart, and we see that it ends together. Bodies support each other, but without interfering. Surrender and approach.



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