Feel good!

  • Turn on a song you can’t stop dancing to. Saying “Move” doesn’t have the actual power to make you stand up every time, but maybe a good song can get you out of bed?
  • Do a facial massage.
    It requires nothing big, your face and your fingertips. While making a wonderful gesture to your skin, you may think that you care about your self-esteem and yourself physically. It’s different, easy, and something we usually get lazy about. Spending a minute gently touching yourself can do more than massaging your skin cells.
  • 5-minute ukulele practice.
    This is a purely personal matter. I know it’s not possible to play a piece in five minutes, but for someone who wants to learn, even touching it that day can trigger a replay later. And it won’t do any harm?
  • One-minute language practice.
    I am using an app to learn French. Every day is a one-minute exercise in a few words, and if I did it that day, I don’t feel empty-handed to answer the question “Did I do something good today” before I go to sleep at night. :)
  • Cook.
    No one forces you to be a chef. Prepare a milkshake, pancake, soup, some cookies, omelette, whatever you like. Your soul will feel better when you see that you are capable of creating something with your own hands.
  • Open the window, and enjoy the balcony.
    A fresh breath is really powerful. Even a moment when you just open the window and stretch, can wake your body and give a message that your energy to not fall. It might be five minutes of yawning. Calm down champ, you don’t need a huge forest behind your house for that.
  • Hug someone you love.
    And don’t do not stop immediately. Those who stop are always sad in the end.



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Bükre Kay

Bükre Kay


I am telling my story while I am learning, trying to learn and read. Öğrenirken görmeye çalışırken okurken hikayemi anlatıyorum.