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Bükre Kay
2 min readJun 11, 2022


Hey everyone. I’m writing on June 11th. Many historical changes occurred in Romania, Turkey, China, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and even Troya. Alexander the Great’s death.

Alexander the Great, whose name lives in Eastern legends, conquered half of the world at that time in 13 years. Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia and one of history’s greatest monarchs, was one of history’s greatest commanders.

(My ancestors are from Macedonia; I didn’t want to skip this part.)

“Before 1914 the earth had belonged to all. People went where they wished and stayed as long as they pleased. There were no permits, no visas, and it always gives me pleasure to astonish the young by telling them that before 1914 I travelled from Europe to India and to America without passport and without ever having seen one. One embarked and alighted without questioning or being questioned, one did not have to fill out a single one of the many papers which are required today.”

Stefan Zweig.


Countries, Troya, a massive commander, a writer… A vast world to explore. When I think about it that way, I feel like we’re surrounded by bureaucratic and monetary barriers. We must be leashed at all times, even when traveling to see other mountains or different types of flowers on the other side of the world. What a freedom to travel without a paper collar. What an astonishing experience it would be to speak with a great author and see him pleased with the outcome.

We have no control over where we are or when we exist. We can only choose how we respond to our own world. For example, I know I can’t say goodbye to this exclusive man. Neither the one with huge discoveries in the entire world in less than 13 years nor the man with verbal world discoveries in more than fifty languages.

Perhaps writing is a good way to remember people and avoid forgetting people. Stefan, Alexander…

What would you say if you had the opportunity to say one-second goodbye — we assume we have this chance — to one of these men?

“I wish there was no need for a certain farewell. However, some goals are simply out of reach. I recognize that you are an exclusive man. Exclusive men usually get lousy treatment. Do not get stuck in torture, whether from the inside or outside. Be sure that you have taken very important steps. These are steps to be proud of. Sleep well.”

Bükre Kay



Bükre Kay

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