where to belong

Just because you fit in, does not mean you belong there.

I saw this photo last week with this sentence. I was just like, WOW.

I’ll be 24 in a month, and I’m thinking that any adventure I try to apply for and participate in will require me to adapt. I have always thought that way throughout my whole life. That’s right, because… In order to be there, I have to do what is necessary, deserve, suffer, and be worthy. I have to deserve it, I have to be patient, and I have to endure even terrible things in the process. Because that’s what you deserve. Because strong is how you do it.

This photo directed me to a completely different level. I would feel successful if I could be that plate there. But this would probably not bring me happiness. Even if a car comes and breaks me, I would think that it was the right place for me, but what if a car crashes into me? It was my destiny. What could I do? Nothing?

But now I see that I can. I should not let myself be on the road ready to be crashed by some cars just because I am trying to fit in. I should know where I belong instead of enduring. Sometimes we try to. I can say this on my behalf: I try to meet any requirements to deserve claps and appreciation to avoid any rejections and negative feedback. But unfortunately, it seems like avoiding short-term negative reactions is long-term suicide. I need to be where I feel I need to be, not the place I fit into. Maybe we should discover more before we think of using band-aids to endure the pain of wounds. Maybe it’s not always true what we’ve learned so far, maybe?

Thanks to my life, I had the chance to see this photo.

I hope that you also feel thankful because of being here right now.

I am happy to be together with you here. :)



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Bükre Kay

Bükre Kay

I am telling my story while I am learning, trying to learn and read. Öğrenirken görmeye çalışırken okurken hikayemi anlatıyorum.